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Anna Nolan: When I heard Elton had a baby the first thing I thought was 'poor little fella'

Men, it seems, are going all funny on us. Between Gordon Ramsay apparently having a hair transplant, and Elton John and his partner David Furnish having a baby -- men are doing what women have traditionally done, and it looks plain strange.

Let's start with Gordon. Alpha male. Swearing TV chef. Adulterer. But at the moment though, he just looks like an imploding melon because of the work he has had done to his head. Plastic surgery was surely meant for the fairer sex. Men, we thought, aged better naturally. We loved their lines, their grey hair, and their rugged ageing faces.

As for the other traditionally female act of having a baby, this was also dragged kicking and screaming into the male domain, with Elton John and David Furnish, the most famous gay couple on the planet, the hosts with the most, announcing thay had surrogated a baby (is that a verb -- I don't care, I'm making it one.)

When I heard that little Zachary was going to be brought up by Mr Rocketman and his partner, I thought -- the poor little fella. Then again, we all thought that Michael Jackson and his three kids was an utterly bizarre situation. But his children haven't turned out too badly.

It seems that Zachary is to live in an apartment next door to his dads, with full-time nannies looking after him. I told you -- mad!


I remember when I visited Zoe Ball and her husband Fatboy Slim, aka Norman Cook, for dinner, I was blown away by two things. Firstly -- the size of their house. A beautiful mansion overlooking Brighton beach. Secondly -- the fact that Zoe had a night-time nanny for her new baby -- a woman who stayed with the baby for the whole night while Zoe and Norman slept. I thought it strange that they would not want to bond with their child at all times, but then again, how luxurious for them to have that option.

Elton and David will have all those luxurious options. Nannies for the baby around the clock.

Celebrity helpers at the click of their fingers -- Dr Phil for the child's emotional problems, Barbra Streisand for singing lessons (sorry Elton) and David Beckham for some football coaching.

Whatever way you feel about Elton and David with baby Zachary, it's going to be an interesting childhood.

Men are moving into our world, ladies, and I wonder if they will be as good in it as we are -- or better?

- OPRAH Winfrey launched her television network on January 1. The egocentrically named channel OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) brought the former queen of daytime into a whole new stratosphere.

I saw the promo for the network -- it has shows such as Ask Oprah's ALLSTARS, with the ever balding Dr Phil and other past gurus of Oprah. Even Sarah Ferguson gets her own show.

The whole network sounds trashy and tragic -- which is why I know it will be a huge hit.

- I SOMETIMES think I was born the wrong sex, played the wrong sport as a child, in fact, when I see myself transfixed by the darts on BBC2, hanging on every word Bobby George says, and cheering when young Steve Kellett hits 180, I realise I was born all wrong!

- PARDON me while I blow my own trumpet but Operation Transformation, on which I am a producer, kicks off again tomorrow night on RTE1 and it's bound to inspire all who wish to shift a few pounds and have a healthier year.

Operation Transformation also has five incredible Leaders in Rachel, Sinead, Ronan, Jayne and Emily. It is moving, challenging and entertaining, and has the enthusiastic Kathryn Thomas (right) at the helm.

So tune in to RTE1 at 8pm on Wednesday, and for the next eight weeks, to join the Leaders as they try to make a difference.