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Anna Nolan: What planet are you on, Shane?

YOU just know when someone's career is about to end. They come out with a comment that leaves you scratching your head and wondering why.

It happened with Shane Ward this week when he said his ideal duet partner would be Marti Pellow.

MARTI PELLOW? Not Jay-Z, not Tinchy Stryder. No, he thought it would be cool to choose someone who was big in the charts over two decades ago.

It's like Lily Allen saying her dream duet would be with Sonia.

Wakey, wakey, Shane!

I was there when Dr Eva tore into Emily at last week's weigh-in... This week, Ronan faces being booted off

I was at the last weigh-in for Operation Transformation and I thought the tension in the room was going to rip the roof off the building.

Dr Eva gave Emily a tough time, questioning her truthfulness in relation to what she was eating. Karl told Jayne that she was relying on her partner Shane too much.

And Karl also told Ronan to back off the training -- he was pushing himself too far.


The anger that you all felt was seen on the Operation Transformation Facebook page. Not only were you shouting your support for the 'Count Me In' campaign, but you were shouting at the experts.

So tomorrow night you are going to see the leaders and the experts come head to head.

And if you think Emily is the small, retiring baby of the group, think again.

Just as the family are recovering from the tirade Eva bestowed on Emily, guess who arrives at the front door at her Killarney home? Only the Finnish firecracker herself, Dr Eva.

The two women have an eventful two days together, and the outcome can be seen on tomorrow's show.

Everyone who signs up to Operation Transformation has to commit to a fitness and diet programme that is available free of charge. The whole purpose of the show is to provide a service that costs the participants absolutely nothing. You don't need to join a gym, you don't need a personal trainer.

All you need is two water bottles and a park.

So when the experts read an article in a Galway newspaper that said that Ronan Scully had joined a gym, they were furious.

Karl Henry took it upon himself to drive to Galway and confront Ronan about the allegation. If Ronan is found to have joined the gym, he is out of the show.


We are midway through Operation Transformation and it is getting tough for all the leaders. They are tired, they are working so hard to adjust their lives and this week we see how it is taking its toll on all of them.

So tune in to Operation Transformation, 8pm tomorrow on RTE1.

Charlene McKenna, will you go out with me?

ISN'T Charlene McKenna just cute beyond belief?

Talented, attractive, someone you'd want to hang out with, someone you'd love to go out with.

Hell -- you just want to be her. I adore her character Jojo in Raw -- bold, ballsy and can cook a mean medium rare steak.

She's like the ballsy Helena Bonham Carter of Irish television -- excellent in every role she plays. I could watch her all night, but Sunday nights will have to do.

I wouldn't mind a 'prim auntie' like Mary Hanafin

THERE are cool aunts and there are prim aunts.

You can have aunts that spend their time in the pub, socialising, great craic, everyone loving them. But inside they may be dying, struggling with life's challenges, struggling with themselves.

Or you can have a prim aunt, who says it like it is, who dresses in a twin set, who takes no crap and who will never let you down.

Which aunt would you prefer to have look after your welfare? Which one would you look to for advice? Which one do you really think would have your best interest at heart?

Miss Prim, step forward.

For too long in this country we have seen the politicians who hang out in the pub, at the Galway Races tents, who drink at the political conventions around the country, singing come-all-ye's and rousing republican tunes.

So what exactly was Mary O'Rourke suggesting when she said Mary Hanafin was like a "prim aunt". Is she not hip enough for Ms O'Rourke? Could she not imagine Ms Hanafin knocking back a few scoops down the local, or having the craic down the town.

We've had enough craic from the politicians. It's about time we had someone who is a bit prim, a bit conscientious and someone who doesn't give a damn about hanging around pubs, tents or bars. If this woman becomes Fianna Fail leader, she'll have no time for the idiotic, bowsie behaviour that is rife in politics.

No better woman.