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Anna Nolan: Stephen Ireland and Charlie Sheen: two blokes who spout out constant garbage

There are a lot of celebrity disasters to witness wincing through your fingers at the moment: Charlie Sheen's mad world, John Galliano's anti-semitism on YouTube, oh, and our own unlikely hellraiser -- Baz hitting then quitting Twitter.

And sometimes bad publicity sticks like mud. Once certain words, pictures or sentiments are out there, you can never take them back. But if Charlie Sheen ever recovers, he may well look back at his insane monologues and understand why the whole world laughed at him, not with him, for several weeks.

And, who knows? Stephen Ireland may actually one day look back at his words from the interview he did recently with French magazine So Foot and understand why everyone in this country thinks he is an idiot.


The footballer is now saying he was misquoted in this interview (and if you believe that, you'll believe he couldn't play for Ireland that time because his granny was ill), in which he said such pearls of wisdom as, "Live in Cork? I might as well shoot myself", and "When you're Irish, you know you'll never win the World Cup".

In relation to Trapattoni, he said: "I've never seen anyone so arrogant. He made me hang around for 15 minutes in his office."

Fifteen minutes, Stephen? Ahhhh, poor little Stephen. Having to wait for 15 minutes. You poor, poor thing. What on earth did you do for that unearthly amount of time? In the interview, we read more about the on-going moan of how badly he was treated as a youth international player. "Even when I played for the youth teams, I got fed up with having to go away.

"Everyone else was from Dublin, and I came from Cork. I had to get the train on my own," (boo hoo, poor little Stephen on the big choo choo train). "There was no hotel, no food. The organisation was amateurish."


The idea that this still bothers Stephen Ireland is astounding. The fact that he blames this for his dislike of the Irish team, or at least puts so much emphasis on it, shows just what a juvenile character he is.

You don't get put off playing international sports because you were a bit peckish, at the age of 16. The man always seems like he is owed so much, and that chip on Stephen's shoulder looks like it will never go away.

But at least he not only lets his anger spill out in relation to Ireland. It's pretty much divvied out to all who have had contact with him in the footballing world.

He says about his manager at Man City, Mancini: "He never liked me. He's doing everything wrong."

I have no idea why Stephen has now gone on a charm offensive after this interview. He is trying to persuade the Irish public that he was misquoted. Stephen, why don't you leave good enough alone?

No apologies, no defence of 'misquotations'. If you don't want people to have this reaction -- well, then keep your bitter little mouth shut.

Otherwise, you could always take a few tips from the master, Charlie Sheen, and keep the crazy talk coming!