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Anna Nolan: Nadia's pretty and healthy ... why don't we celebrate that?


Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde

Ray D'Arcy

Ray D'Arcy

Partytime: But avoiding the hangover can be tough

Partytime: But avoiding the hangover can be tough


Nadia Forde

Reality television shows comprise of cast members that fit a certain bill: the politician, the sports person, the television presenter, the disgraced star from the 80s, the model and the American celebrity.

When I was in Big Brother we had our own titles: the builder (Craig), the lesbian ex-nun (me!), the minxy beauty (Mel) and the yoga freak vegetarian (Sada).

Big Brother 1 was the beginning of a brand new TV genre and they learned from year one that each person participating must have a 'Such and Such' title for audiences to relate to.

This year in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here there were the usual suspects. Except there was a slight difference with one of the perennial categories, The Model.


Nadia Forde was beautiful and young. But she was also a healthy normal size. There were no hip bones protruding - that was left up to Melanie Sykes by the end of the competition.

Nadia's belly wasn't concave and her cheek bones weren't poking out from under her skin. She wasn't what we were used to seeing on this show and - unbelievably for some - this wasn't acceptable.

Katie Hopkins laid into Nadia on Twitter, saying "Nadia Forde is a model. For Evans?", referring to the plus size clothes store.

And other fans of the show considered her to be too large to be the eye candy.

In the past, we have seen a string of stringy ladies make their way into the jungle and go from slim to stick in the space of three weeks.

From Amy Willerton to Helen Flanagan, from Tara Palmer-Tomkinson to Mylene Klass, all have understood that they are the bikini babes who must go in and reveal themselves - both personally and physically.

The famous "I'm A Celebrity" moment when Mylene had a shower in that white bikini ensured all future beauties would have to try their best to give the audience just that little bit more titillation.

Nadia Forde was a charming and entertaining camper. There was a softness to her personality and, unlike previous models, she didn't shove her assets down the lens of the camera.

I found her normal-sized physique refreshing. We had become so used to these tiny women appearing on the show that Nadia's beauty was almost strange. But in a good way.

I won't go on about the pressures that young women face nowadays in relation to body image, but for viewers of the show to criticize Nadia Forde's shape is just insane.

Katie Hopkins said that Nadia was as thick as a house brick. But for saying that she was too big, I think Hopkins is the one who is stupid.

The secret to avoiding a Christmas party hangover? Simple - don't drink

Over the years I have been to many a Christmas party. And as we head into mid-December, I am trying to plan a more mature, measured approach to the nights out that are quickly coming up.

I have four Christmas parties to go to. I don't know if that's a lot or a little. There's the Herald party, which is always a hoot. There's the COCO Television party, which is always a lunch that always ends way past dinner time. And then there are a couple of gatherings with friends.

After many years of Christmas parties, I really want to take it easy this year.

Yes, I am getting old and yes I am getting grumpier and yes I am sick and tired of hangovers.

But what is the best approach? There's the idea of drinking a glass of water in between every alcoholic drink. But this just makes me too full of liquid.


There are those bizarre charcoal tablets that you can take that seemingly stop you from feeling like your dying the following morning. I tried them once, and they didn't work for me.

Should I put the work in the day of the party: eat food, have spritzers, no shots, don't stay out too late?

Or should I do the work the following morning: milk thistle, paracetamol, sausages and batch loaf at the ready.

We're told to drink responsibly these days. And to me there is only one way to do this - just drink less. Or none at all.

'Cos once you are in to the thick of things, your DNA of alcohol consumption just kicks in. If you are one to order Jaeger bombs just before midnight, you will order Jaeger bombs just before midnight.

So, my plan is to leave early. Go to each event for a few hours and sneak away before it all gets a bit crazy.

That's the plan anyway. That's my mature measured approach. Do you think it will work? We'll have to wait and see.

Big payday and no 6am starts? Good job Ray

* So Ray D'Arcy is off to RTE. How very exciting! It will be fascinating to see how it all works out. His paycheck is reported to be anything up to €500,000, he'll have no more 6am starts and he's not into the hotseat until February. It's working out pretty well so far, I'd say!  Good on him.

* I love, love, love, how open and honest Bressie is when it comes to talking about his mental health and his own journey through dark times. He makes it normal and takes away that ridiculous stigma that is associated with depression. And without I doubt I would say he inspires young people to share their worries.

* I WAS absolutely glued to The High Hopes Choir which featured on RTE1 last week. It's an extremely moving documentary series about a choir consisting of homeless people. If you missed the first episode, catch it on the Player.