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Anna Nolan: I used to admire Katie Price, now I just think she’s a total monster

I saw the Sky News interview with Peter Andre -- it was fascinating. Well, as fascinating as Peter can be...

He broke down at the end of the interview with Kay Burley, because she asked him what if Alex Reid, Jordan's new husband, wanted to be a father to the children. Andre's response was to say "no-one will take my kids away from me".

He then became visibly upset and asked for the interview to be terminated.

His loyalty, dedication and love for his children, including Harvey, who is not his biological child, is so endearing. He must look back at the decisions he made in his life and shudder, mainly at marrying the nutcase that is Katie Price.

I watched her programme What Katie Did Next later that evening, and saw that she is the absolute opposite of Peter.

She is manipulative and turning into a sad caricature of herself. Every interview I see of her, including the recent one with Alan Carr, brings out a loathing of the woman.

When someone constantly ends their sentences with "I'm only being honest", I want to throttle them.

Yes, you are being honest, but you are also being a rude, ignorant, offensive oaf. She has turned from an ambitious, ballsy girl, into an ugly, desperate, sad woman.

A few years ago, I bumped into her in a petrol station outside BBC headquarters. She was rushing to get back to her car and accidentally knocked into me. I looked at this pretty, petite thing, with no make-up on and wearing her trademark Juicy Couture tracksuit. I was taken by how beautiful she looked and as she smiled and apologised, I was smitten.

Cut to several years later, and I have to witness her drag queen face that is seen every day in all the gossip magazines. Take her marriage to the cage fighting, Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex Reid. It's obviously a decision she took as she saw his chances of winning the show increase.

Simply, I imagine, to annoy the heck out of her ex-husband Peter.

She must be so choked with insecurities. Every word from the woman's mouth expresses desperate self publicity and self assuredness; whereas we all know that she is probably dying inside.

Peter Andre has been one of the most dignified personalities I think I have ever witnessed. The biggest error of his life, Katie Price, will never let him forget that he once loved her and then left her. She is truly a monster.

Sorry Katie, I'm only being honest.

Don't be a chicken like me, call the cops on drunken, abusive neighbours

There are the little things that stop me from sleeping -- and there are big things.

The little things might be racing thoughts, wrong pillow, coffee drunk too late.

The big things might be screaming neighbours who are threatening each other.

At the weekend, I was staying in a hotel in the west, and the couple next door decided to verbally beat the hell out of each other.

It started off when I heard them fall through the door at 3am, with the woman talking very loudly at the man. She then began to shout and it ended up in all mighty row that continued for half an hour.

They were arguing about the most inane things -- his lack of attention to her all night, her sense of style, and other drunken, pointless rants. They were hell bent on picking on each other for as long as they could stand, and they didn't give a damn about disturbing anyone else.

It is so upsetting to hear a domestic argument. It actually fills me with panic and I become paralysed. You don't know whether to knock on the wall, but they might turn on you. You don't know whether to ring down to reception, but again you presume they will know it is you and give you grief. It is a horrible situation to be in.

It was alright for me this weekend, because I was only there one night. But I can only imagine what it must be like to live in a house where there are neighbours that do this all the time. I was thinking of the recent gangland shootings around Dublin, and people who feel unsafe, threatened, frightened in their own homes.


There are communities around the country who live in fear of their neighbours. Anti-social behaviour is at an all-time high and I hear of so many cases where people are too intimidated to call the gardai because of the fear of a backlash.

The fact that people feel they can behave in whatever way they want and can take the law into their own hands is beyond me.

We don't have to love our neighbours, contrary to what the Bible tells us. But we do need to feel safe beside them.

I feel sorry for the people who live next door to the stupid, drunken couple that subjected me to their pathetic excuse for a relationship.

And if you are, be a bit braver than me and get the cops in.

The only thing Jean Treacy did was fall for the wrong bloke

So Jean Treacy, the former lover of killer Eamonn Lillis, has seemingly brought the Irish massage industry into disrepute. The Irish Massage Therapists Association has criticised Treacy for "raking up all the negative connotations about massage".

I have to disagree with this very odd response.

Why couldn't they go out together? Leaving aside the fact that he was married, I don't see that it is in any way discreditable that Ms Treacy started a relationship with Lillis.

We're not talking about a priest with a parishioner here. We are not talking about a psychologist with a vulnerable client.

We are talking about two consenting adults who developed a relationship outside the massage room.

It's very old fashioned of the IMTA to think that we view the industry as they see it. A spokesperson commented on the "nudge nudge wink wink" attitude that still exists in relation to massages.

Well, not from anyone I know, and certainly not from me. I see no reason why this woman should not be able to continue her career.

C'mon lads ... get my water sorted and no more iffy excuses

What is happening to the water supply? How much longer do I have to wait for Paddy the Waterman to come into work at 8am and switch on the water flow to my house?

This was supposed to be an issue for a few days. The big freeze happened, we thought we were going to be wiped out because of lack of grit, and then everything thawed. So why, a whole month later, are we being subjected to dribbles of water during certain times? Seemingly there are pumps that got pierced and pipes that blew when it snowed for a few days. The freeze is well over, there's no excuse any more.

Just get the water sorted. And please buy the new pipes and pumps that are labelled 'Will last all weathers'.