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Anna Nolan: I always liked Fergie but now she looks pathetic and foolish

I always liked Fergie. She was the one woman who went into the Royal Family and didn't give a damn what they thought about her. She was a wild and outspoken rough diamond compared with the coy, polite Lady Diana.

I loved her loudness and her unpredictability. It was something that entertained the public, but scared those inside Buckingham Palace. They always thought she brought down the tone of the establishment, and now, with her recent antics with a dodgy businessman and a hidden camera, she has.

To see Fergie being secretly filmed taking money for "opening doors" with her ex-husband Prince Andrew, is mortifying for the woman. But as cruel as this undercover sting might seem, Fergie getting caught is a valid investigation into the workings of a woman who has friends in very high places.

There was something pathetic about Fergie in the film. She was trying to be the big girl, but she simply came across as foolish and out of her depth. A desperate woman, selling her family and selling her soul. This woman has always been addicted to excitement and living on the edge. Only now, it reeks of despair.

Fergie and Diana were such a great duo. They brought an element of soap opera into a normally dull and downbeat household. As someone once wrote, they brought Dallas to the Palace. They were different women, and this was seen best after they separated. Diana got £20m for the divorce, Fergie says she got £15,000.

Diana went on to live the high life -- Fergie got stuck into work and as a result we saw her doing all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs. She has written books, and been a spokeswoman for WeightWatchers and Wedgwood china. She has performed in Friends and The Vicar Of Dibley.


She would put her hand to anything to make a living, and I admired this.

There were, unfortunately the many gaffes along the way. including the toe-sucking sessions with John Bryan.

Some people are saying that the latest investigation is unethical. But Fergie herself has experience of doing undercover work, angering the Turkish government by going in disguise to expose the horrors of state-run orphanages.

I once met Lady Diana at the Harbour Club gym in London. She was walking down the corridor and my friend was one of the personal trainers at the gym. As she walked by, her head was tilted down and she raised her eyes in that well-known Diana pose, and said in her very soft, well-spoken voice, "Hello Claire". Then she smiled at me.

If it had been Fergie, I reckon she would have bounded down the corridor, seen my friend and thrown her arm around her, shouting, "Hello old chum, I'm as fat as a fool, but I don't care" and bounded off!

Fergie was my favourite royal in-law because she was human -- she made mistakes, regretted them and moved on. Hopefully she will get through this, as she is a good person, who just got carried away. As usual!

A guilty secret i have to confess at last -- I love the Eurovision

Some people like watching golf. Some people like watching the Chelsea Flower Show. Some people even like to watch 10 housemates sleep through the night on a strange reality television show.

All could be considered mind-numbingly boring television.

But I'm not going to knock those people, because I like watching The Eurovision.


There I've said it. This week my secret pleasure comes to life as I watch the European nations deliver the campest, corniest, cheesiest music for all to swing their hips to.

I can vividly remember 1976. I was six years old and Brotherhood of Man walked onto the Eurovision stage. The men had huge moustaches, flared trousers and collars like albatrosses. The women wore satin all-in-one catsuits (with flares of course). As they started their song Save Your Kisses For Me, I knew it was a winner. So good luck to our Niamh Kavanagh, who is as cool as a cucumber. She has the experience of winning it in 1993, and this year the song is a beautiful ballad that might just win over the other nations.

It doesn't have people in silver suits, or huge men dressed up as warlords.

But sometimes, a simple song can go a long way, and this might be the year that it happens.

There's really no need to mourn loss of Lost

Fans of long-running series are never happy with the final programme. Storylines have to be tied together, characters have to have moments of closure, and there also have to be one or two questions left unanswered so that the uber fans can talk about it for months afterwards.

So for all the fans of Lost -- I hope you are pleased with your final episode. If you are angry -- that's okay. If you are sad, that's okay too. If you are confused -- join a blog site and discuss it with some fellow nerds. But if you feel nothing, well then, unfortunately, they have created Last Episode Failure.

The most important thing is that you feel a sense of loss (excuse the pun) when your American series of choice ends. But hopefully you will recover soon, ready to take on six more years of a new, exciting drama.