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An open and shut example of misogyny


Harper Lee

Harper Lee

Harper Lee

BTHE best reaction to the news that Harper Lee is to finally publish a follow-up to To Kill A Mocking Bird, her classic novel about a black men charged with rape, must be the fact that so many people thought she was a man. One woman on Twitter declared it was a testament to her internalised misogyny that she thought Harper Lee was a man until ten minutes after the news broke. Another confessed she didn't realise Evelyn Waugh was actually a man.

TThe price of wine's going up again? Cue more middle-class angst, as people fret over the introduction of minimum pricing for a bottle of plonk. Meanwhile, you can buy a glass of wine or beer in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and other similar countries for a pittance compared to here. It seems kind of ironic that we're increasing the price of alcohol to bring our consumption more in line with other countries which clearly have a better relationship with booze than us.

SAN anonymous donor has offered to fix the light on top of Dublin's Spire. It's been off since October and could cost €10,000 to replace. Why am I hearing Take That in my head?...Relight My Spire...