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Amy's gift that keeps on giving


Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Hubermann.

Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Hubermann.

Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Hubermann.

* Brian O'Driscoll has taken to Twitter to publicise a charming gift of a €2 coin, sellotaped to a card, that was sent to him for his son Billy this week.

Sweet as the tweet was, it was more of a relief to see that it had no commercial angle. After all, a few days earlier, Amy had tweeted a picture of a present that was sent in for Billy, which just happened to have come from Newbridge Silverware, the company who pay her to advertise their products, a fact which may have struck a sour note with some.

After all, there's a thin dividing line between sincere gratitude for gifts and using the birth of your child to publicly name-check the company that pay you so handsomely.

* A year ago it seemed that Brendan Ogle would never be heard of again. Far from it, however, as Brendan has moved on from his previous incarnation as ESB group of unions boss, whose threats of a nationwide power blackout stuck fear into our hearts this time last year. He has now surfaced on Youtube beside everyone's favourite online tit, Russell Brand, to spoon feed the latter info on the anti-water campaign.

Brand lent his support for yesterday's marches and encouraged everyone to bunk off work, egged on by Ogle, because "big corporations are doing you over at every opportunity by not paying their taxes". From rabble-rouser to organ grinder beside Brand's performing monkey act, Brendan Ogle has certainly come a long way.