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Am I the only one who feels a little bit underwhelmed by George and Amal?

Am I the only person underwhelmed by George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's nuptials?

Ok, she's more interesting than the average celeb because of what she does (speaking several languages and being the UN's go-to on human rights issues) and she's a little off beat when it comes to her fashion choices, but otherwise it's all a little predicable and so what-y.

The Vogue shot of her getting fitted for her dress was my favourite: a much cooler, understated casual shot than the set up spreads for Hello! and People magazine.

Probably because it was taken when she went to Oscar de La Renta's studio with her mum for a fitting during the summer.

The People snaps are much more weekly celeb mag fodder. What makes someone like George Clooney agree to do these?

To have your wedding day interrupted by snappers pulling and poking at you?


Sure, it's reported that the fee has been donated to charity but he probably could have raised almost as much by doing a spread at home on another day.

It's all so front row - like how her best pal's speech was quoted word for word. (Alamuddin was a smoker until she met George and then quit instantly!) How much did they get for this much info?

I also love Amal's mother's quotes: "George, we love you truly, deeply and sincerely. We enjoy your charm, your wit, intelligent conversation and generosity. You are simply perfect."

It was like she was telling him he was good enough for Amal.

That's about the only bit I liked, or that interested me, in this latest celeb wedding. That and the fact that Amal seems totally at ease with all this celebrity mayhem.

I guess that's because she's 36 and when he met her, she was a grown up with a job, a life and sense of herself.