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All talk and no action on homeless

As children across the city add the finishing touches to their Halloween costumes, spare a thought for the 398 homeless youngsters who currently call a hotel room their home.

With rising rents, pent-up demand for housing, and many landlords refusing to accept rent allowance, there is a new generation blighted by homelessness.

The stereotype of adults wrapped up in cardboard on O'Connell Bridge doesn't tell the whole story.

Today's homeless are also children with schoolbooks and uniforms who share a room with their family in a city hotel.

Politicians across the spectrum agree that we are in the midst of a homelessness crisis and there has been much debate and hand-wringing about the issue in recent months.

The Government set aside €55m to tackle the problem in 2015, €10m more than this year. It's a start, but we need to see action so those children have their own roofs over their heads without delay.