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Abuse issue won't go away for SF

IT'S now almost two weeks since the broadcast of the explosive documentary that brought the case of Mairia Cahill back to the public's attention.

Her allegations that she was raped by a leading IRA man and that she the was forced to face her abuser as part of a paramilitary investigation have blighted Sinn Fein ever since.

Equally disturbing is the separate report that as many as ten men were moved south across the border following allegations of rape and abuse against girls and boys.

The drip, drip of revelations over the past couple of weeks about the IRA's handling of abuse allegations has now hit their Sinn Fein allies where it hurts - in the opinion polls.

The other parities will continue to pile the pressure on Mr Adams and his party while the issue is damaging their support with the electorate.

Mr Adams needs to put this matter to rest and can only do that by ensuring that the full story of this dark chapter is revealed.