Opera star Jenkins sings praises of bargain beauty

OFF THE RAILS: Gorgeous soprano swaps tips with RTE fashion expert Sonya on show

Caitlin McBride

SHE may be at the helm of Ireland's fashion industry, but that doesn't mean she's too good to take style tips from a superstar.

Off the Rails host Sonya Lennon gets some image advice from world renowned opera singer Katherine Jenkins on tonight's show.

And while Jenkins is often considered to be the hottest thing to emerge from the opera world, she reveals the details of the beauty regime she couldn't live without as well as her favourite high street stores.

She may be a multi-millionaire songstress, but she doesn't believe you have to spend a fortune on beauty products to look amazing.

"I go completely with what works for me, in some cases it can be the high end product but if it's a really cheap version of a well known product if it works for me then I'd rather go with that cos I think you've got to find what is the best for you," she reveals on tonight's show.

The blonde beauty revealed that her father always emphasised the importance of good skincare, and she had always remembered this advice.

"Strangely enough when I was growing up it was my Dad not my Mum who always told me you have to look after your skin, the skin is the most important thing which I always think is bizarre that he was the one that told me that.


"But it was really good because I've always looked after my skin and had regular facials after that," she said. "I think good skincare is all about cleansing, always take your make-up off before you go to bed -- no matter how tired you are feeling -- always moisturise and do the odd face mask at home and drink lots of water which I have to do anyway for singing but I really think you can see a difference in your skin when you do it."

And while she may be just as famous for her figure-hugging outfits as she is for her striking voice, she loves nothing more than getting casual in her downtime.

"I do love getting glammed up for big occasions and events and I love talking to my make-up artist about what hair and make-up look we are going to go for. But when I get a day off I love to be as natural as I can. I take my make-up off and tie my hair back and just love to give my skin a rest."

Off the Rails airs tonight at 8pm on RTE One.