Location, Location, Location

Channel 4, 8pm In the first of a new series presented, as usual, by Kirstie Allsopp (below) and Phil Spencer, two couples have unrealistic hopes.

Rob and Hilary want a house in provincial England and have a cool £380,000 to spend, but can't forget their pad in London while, Rupreet and Sundeep are obsessed with postcodes.


9/11 The Firemens' Story Channel 4, 9pm It's hard to believe, but the 10th anniversary of the attack on New York's Twin Towers is almost upon us. One memory is that of firefighters racing towards the burning buildings while hundreds of workers were fleeing for their lives.

Some 343 firemen lost their lives on that day and those who survived share their memories here.

deep waters

natural world: the woman who swims with killer whales

BBC2, 8pm New Zealand marine biologist Dr Ingrid Visser risks all to investigate why there has been a high number of wild killer whale deaths in the past year.

She takes her life in her hands by plunging into the deep, blue ocean coming eyeball to eyeball with some of these majestic, but fearsome, creatures.

Varied signals

Mount Pleasant SKY1, 9pm Gobby Lisa is left dumbfounded when her smock top is mistaken for a pregnancy bump, leading to rumours around the office that she's expecting a baby.