Okay I admit it...Kian can sing and he blew me away - Brian

Alexandra Ryan

THEY would make an unlikely pairing but don't rule out Brian Kennedy and Kian Egan doing a duet.

The Voice judges appear to have been impressed by each other during their on-stage performance last night.

Kennedy told the Herald today that he was "pleasantly surprised" by the Westlife man's singing abilities after they performed Arcade Fire's Wake Up, with fellow coaches Brian, Bressie and Sharon Corr.

For weeks Brian has hinted that Kian can't sing and now the star has finally admitted that the Sligo native can hold his own on stage.

The Westlife star blew viewers away as he took to the stage strumming his own electric guitar and singing live while Bressie took to the drums, Sharon played the violin and Brian also played his own guitar.

"We can officially confirm that Kian can definitely sing. He sang live and he played the guitar live," Kennedy admitted afterwards.

"I honestly didn't even know that he had a guitar collection, he told me that during rehearsals. I was pleasantly surprised.

"We all sat around and said that Kian should open the song because that would be the most surprising thing. It's not surprising to people that I can sing anymore, but for him to open it was a big thing," he explained.

But the former Eurovision entrant insisted that he never actually said Kian couldn't sing. Brian said he was just being honest when he said he had never actually heard Kian singing a single note by himself.

"I don't take back what I said because if you think about what I said, I never once said that he couldn't sing. All I said was I had never heard him sing and now I have and like I said I was pleasantly surprised," he said.

Although Brian didn't have to choose between his acts last night, the singer says he is dreading the coming weeks as more and more of his own acts will face the chop.

Meanwhile, another two acts lost out on their dream of winning a contract with Universal last night. Sharon Corr sent Fauve Chapman home, after her version of Lana Del Rey's Videogames failed to click with the audience and viewers at home.

Kian also had to send one of his acts home, and Kansas singer Kyle Kennedy was sent packing after Kian decided Elliot Canavan Doyle was worth saving because he has "something special".