Oh my God, does anyone love Grainne as much as she loves herself?

IN the film A Few Good Men, Demi Moore has dinner with Tom Cruise. (Yes, I saw it the other night, and yes, it is the bajillionth time I have watched it.)

At one stage in the movie, while Demi is cracking lobster during the dinner date and Cruise is blinding her with his smile, she lists all her achievements as a lawyer. Cruise asks her, "Why are you always giving me your resume? Demi answers -- "I want you to think I'm good."

I feel the same way these days when I hear or read any interview with Grainne Seoige.

Recently she was a guest on Ryan Tubridy's radio show. After the five minutes of a love-in between the two people who are with the same talent agent, ('you're great' ... no, you're great' ... 'no, you're great' ... or something along those lines), they went on to list the jobs she has coming up.

Grainne gave us her resume. Crimecall, a sports quiz, a documentary series, People of the Year Awards, Telly Bingo and pulling the bell in the Angelus.

Oh sorry, the last two aren't correct -- she's just auditioned for them.

It's all so tiresome and transparent.

Grainne needs us all to feel that she is the busiest she has ever been in her life, so that we think she is good.

Again, in a recent newspaper interview we were treated to all the work that is lined up for the presenter.

Okay, we get it. You are the busiest worker in Ireland. You have so much going on, you have to tell us constantly about every single presenting job you are doing.

My goodness, between all the research for Crimecall and the hours of watching sports for the quiz, Grainne will hardly have a moment to talk about leaving Daybreak.

The truth is that people don't judge you on how much you are doing, but how well you do it.

And Grainne just can't handle the truth.

Things are tight in RTE, there aren't that many jobs. Plus (significantly) the main one has gone to Kathryn Thomas.

Please, no more lists. The saying "there is no such thing as bad publicity" is wrong. The worst publicity is self publicity. It's the biggest turn-off and is wearing very thin.