Now you can 'see through' city tourist attractions -- with your phone

Claire Murphy

DUBLIN City will become the platform for a world-first iPhone app which will enable tourists to "see through buildings".

Dublin Tourism have revealed the innovative technology whereby users can point their mobile device at a range of buildings in the capital and access 3D maps, audio clips, contact details and voucher deals.

Tourism chiefs are anticipating that it will draw an extra one million visitors to the area as well as some 'techie tourists' who may travel just to try out the new facilities. More than 7,000 pages of information have been condensed into the one feature.

Frank Magee, chief executive of Dublin Tourism, said the dynamic destination guide could be accessed from abroad but it would especially appeal to Dubliners.

"We are the first people in the world to introduce this but we expect that other cities will follow," he said. "It's a fascinating piece of equipment.


"We were the first city in the world to introduce iwalks and within the first 18 months, over 600,000 were downloaded."

Dublin Tourism is targeting 100,000 app downloads in the first 12 months. All the information has been validated and is constantly updated.

"The beauty of it is that once you download the app from the Apple Store or the Google Marketplace, there is little or no charge," Mr Magee added. "There is the option to accept an entertainment guide and breaking news, which will carry a minimum charge to see."

Users can virtually move to destinations before making a visit and VisitDublin is the first to include the feature 'point to listen', 'point to download' and 'point to call'.

The augmented reality feature allows users to access electronically stored data regarding a point of interest they are looking at.

"So if want to stay at Mrs McGrath's B&B in Balbriggan, you can find out all the sites in the area," Mr Magee explained.

The app was being revealed by Tourism Minister Mary Hanafin this afternoon.