Now we give you the secret beauty tips of our top models

Tricks: Pageant queens use Vaseline on teeth and hairspray on face!

Jane Last

IRELAND'S most beautiful women have revealed their budget beauty tricks.

This stunning photoshoot shows why these four women were voted as Ireland's most beautiful.

Former Miss World and Herald columnist Rosanna Davison, Aoife Cogan, Holly Carpenter and newly crowned Miss Ireland Rebecca Maguire joined forces for a special Miss Ireland photoshoot in this week's Stellar magazine.

The four women, who each had a reign as Miss Ireland and are now among Ireland's top models, posed for the special photoshoot which wouldn't look out of place in fashion bible Vogue.

And they were only too happy to let us in on their beauty secrets.

But they also let us in on a few interesting quirks such as beauty queens using hairspray on their faces to keep make-up in place, or smearing Vaseline on teeth to stop lips from sticking together.

Rosanna (28) told of how she had to rely on her own beauty skills to land the coveted Miss World crown in 2003 when she was just 19.

"I did see people use hairspray to hold make-up in place, but the thing I remember the most was Miss Poland. She had hair extensions, and back then I'd never seen them, I didn't even know they existed," she said.

"I didn't have fake eyelashes or extensions, I did my own tan and make-up for the competition, I had acrylic nails and that was it. I had no idea of the things you could do," she added.

And Aoife Cogan, who is marrying Leinster and Ireland rugby star Gordon D'Arcy later this summer, recalls an unusual trick during her time at the Miss World contest.


"Probably the most memorable was that most of the girls used Vaseline on their teeth. You could be on a float for three hours and you have to keep smiling, so the girls would wear Vaseline on their teeth to stop their lips from sticking," Aoife said.

Regarding skin break-outs, both Aoife and Rosanna no longer panic.

"Like most women, they're usually hormonal, and I get them around my jaw or chin," says Rosanna.

"I don't panic -- they'll be gone in a few days -- and I've become quite good at covering them up with concealer.

"I don't eat dairy, cheese or chocolate because I found that dairy makes my skin break out. Even before I went vegan I had to be very careful about the amount of dairy I ate, so it's just easier not eating it at all," she said.

To combat break-outs, Aoife makes sure to cleanse often.

"I never go to bed with my make-up on, no matter what. I have to make sure my skin is really clean because we wear such heavy make-up for work. I cleanse it twice at night and again in the morning. I have very oily skin so I really have to stay on top of it or I get breakouts," she said.

Meanwhile, Holly Carpenter (20), who finished her reign as Miss Ireland two weeks ago and is currently dating Gordon D'Arcy's Leinster and Ireland team-mate Cian Healy, let us in on her beauty secrets.

Holly relies on budget-friendly E45 Cream and Bio-Oil, to treat her dry skin.