Now opera is on the menu at top hotel

Caitlin McBride

AN IRISH hotel is tackling the recession head on, offering guests a bit of operatic flair during their stay.

Marlfield House Hotel in Wexford is already a must-visit destination for countless visitors with its plush surroundings and unique atmosphere -- but the announcement of new musical performances for autumn and winter means guests are getting even more.

Music lovers will be migrating to the South East over the coming months to catch intimate performances from their favourite opera singers, including Marcella Walsh, Brian Gilligan, Rachel Croash and Grace Foley.

Marlfield is often regarded as one of Ireland's most unique properties, successfully fusing old glamour with modern conveniences.

And each month, the luxury hotel will be hosting Sunday lunch with a twist.

The hotel has just unveiled their new programme of recitals for autumn and winter, which will be held in its elegant Print Room before diners enjoy a bite in the hotel's ever-popular restaurant.

Marlfield oozes romance with its vast grounds for a stroll, four-poster beds and a roaring fireplace in the expansive bedrooms -- and is one of the country's most popular hotspots for couples.

The hotel is offering special rates for weekend stays, and special tickets for lunch and a recital.