Now Brian's backing 'adorable' Jedward in Eurovision U-turn

Melanie Finn, Showbusiness Editor

SINGER Brian Kennedy has performed a dramatic U-turn on Jedward and is now backing them to win the Eurovision.

The Voice Of Ireland judge sparked controversy earlier this year after labelling their Waterline song boring during their performance on the Eurosong.

However, he has now told the Herald that he's giving his full backing to John and Edward in their efforts to win in Azerbaijan next week.

"I'm a patriot, so I'll be backing Jedward on the night," he said. Asked about his initial comments on Twitter after hearing their song, he continued: "What about it? I stand by them. Do you think I'm afraid of a few bitchy comments from people? Absolutely not. I was kind of having fun. I used to live with Kathryn Lynch and we'd always be watching television going 'the state of him' or the 'state of her' and just having a laugh. But apparently my comments ignited a little bit of fire."

He went on to say how he now believes their song, written by Swedish songwriter Nick Jarl, is "Okay".


"I know the songwriter and I've worked with them before. I thought it was okay, but I don't think it matters that much what they sing because they're so adorable that people love them regardless, so I'm Team Jedward on the night," he said.

The Belfast singer, who is releasing his new album Voice next month, also denied he had done a U-turn when it came to the popular twins. "Absolutely not. I've always been intrigued by them. If they came in here right now, everybody would turn and look at them and go 'Jesus', the same way Obama did."

Kennedy represented Ireland at the contest in 2006 with Every Song Is A Cry For Love and finished a respectable 10th.

At the time of the Eurosong last February, Kennedy's comments landed him in hot water, with Jedward manager Louis Walsh accusing him of being "bitter."