Now army want extra to sit around

THE thousands of soldiers who helped many in distress around the country during the snow and ice this past week deserve praise and gratitude. Many citizens who were stranded or in need of urgent medical transfer were helped by our troops in the bad weather.

These soldiers were paid for performing their duties, but there is anger now on the part of soldiers kept on call in barracks during the snow but not called on to help.

The soldiers who were holed up in their quarters for up to 12 hours 'on call' are claiming they should be paid for having to wait around.

It is admirable the way the Defence Forces came to the rescue of many over Christmas, but shocking that those who were just 'on call' are looking for compensation now too.

Our defence forces are there to serve our country and its citizens.

Those looking for extra pay for having to wait around will doubtless have difficulty finding sympathy for their demands.