Notre Dame fans' 'amazing' stay

Laura Butler

THEY may have left our shores, but thousands of Notre Dame fans went with a lasting impression of Dublin city -- and they love it.

It's been a memorable weekend for the hordes of American football supporters who jetted over to Ireland to watch their team take on Navy in the Emerald Classic.

And while they weren't packing out the stands of the Aviva Stadium, the Irish locals made sure to show our American friends a good time.

Hundreds of fans have taken to their social networking sites to comment on their enjoyment.

One tourist insisted it was a "once in a lifetime" trip, while others simply did not want to leave.

"Once in a lifetime experience this weekend. Thank you, Ireland, for the warm welcome."

"Amazing trip, I can't believe I leave today it's been a crazy run! #NDinDublin #idontwannaleave."


"Farewell to Dublin. Thank you to Notre Dame and Ireland for this amazing experience. I'll be back. #NDinDublin."

"What a great weekend!! Great game, Great fans at a Great Venue [Aviva Stadium]," said another.

"Our one word? Has to be... brilliant. #NDinDublin."

And one visitor made sure to take in the sights of the capital during their short stay, writing:

"I'm ready for the Viking Splash tour around Dublin."

It has been estimated that the event could earn as much as €100m for the Irish economy.

Pubs across the city screened the match for those who could not get a ticket. And hotels, clubs and bars have been counting their cash after the bumper weekend.