Not to worry Tiffany ... talent isn't needed to make acting list

My favourite Irish model slash actress is back in the news, though her appearance was tinged with melancholy, as it was a week of mixed blessings for the international star that is Tiffany Stanley.

In a variety of semi-dressed poses, Tiffany updated us on the ever-upwards trajectory of her career, this time through the venerable publication that is the Filipino edition of lads' mag FHM. Featured on its website under the heading 'Hot Turista of the Week'.

FHM Philippines revealed that Tiffany (inset) is a beauty queen (she entered Miss Universe once), a brand ambassador (she appeared in a Sony Playstation ad) and, most enlighteningly, an actress of note.

Tiffany's thespian credentials have been kept relatively quiet until now, but FHM Philippines revealed that she starred in made-for-TV movie Honeymoon for One.

Checking the movie database IMDB for its details, I scrolled down through the 28 cast members that were listed, but couldn't find Tiffany's name anywhere. Though this was obviously an oversight, she will be distraught to hear that IMDB this week revealed its list of the top ten most popular Irish actresses worldwide. And Tiffany is not amongst them.

Her chagrin should be short-lived, however, as the list makes for bizarre reading.

According to IMDB, the most popular Irish actress in the world is Saoirse Ronan - so far, so good. However, second in the list is Michelle Fairley, a veteran actress who was almost unheard of until she appeared in Game of Thrones; seventh is Katie McGrath, a TV actress of unremarkable success, and eighth is Alison Doody, whose last movie of note was Indiana Jones, 25 years ago. And completely missing from the list is Victoria Smurfit.

Most bizarrely, Eve Hewson made headlines this weekend courtesy of her appearance in third place.


This is rather surprising, considering the fact that the TV series which has resulted in her new-found fame, The Knick, hasn't even been released yet.

When one considers that Eve is the daughter of Bono, however, and her every move is reported in the media, the reality of this "power list" becomes much clearer.

What the IMDB poll reveals, of course, is that stardom through hype, rather than actual achievement, is a phenomenon not confined to Ireland. And so the genuine talent of the Irish acting industry should not be dismayed, as the IMDB chart is all about publicity, and little to do with talent. A fact which should provide comfort to our true stars, like Victoria Smurfit. And Tiffany Stanley.