No hard feelings as Louis heads to Shayne gig

Melanie Finn

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has revealed how he'll be at his former protege Shayne Ward's gig in Dublin this weekend.

As proof that there's no hard feelings between the pair, who parted ways amid much speculation, the music mogul will be cheering Shayne on in the Olympia theatre tomorrow.

And he said they have moved on from their previous working relationship and things are "very amicable" between them.

"There's no hard feelings between us and no falling out. We just parted ways and we're friends now so I want to show him my support," he said.

He also revealed how Shayne will be the support act to Boyzone in Scotland next August.

There was much speculation on what had happened between the pair after it was revealed that Louis was no longer his manager -- with even rumours of a spat. He had signed up the part-Irish star immediately after he won X Factor in 2005 and enjoyed massive chart success.

But when his record company decided to put his third album on the back-burner, Louis said they had no choice but to call it a day.


At the time, he said: "I gave blood, sweat and tears in working with him -- I absolutely did. Then there was no record, it all dried up. There was nothing I could do at all."

Although he's still signed to Simon Cowell's label, Syco, Shayne took a massive step back from the music scene.

He spent time in Asia and South Africa working with various producers as he worked on his new material.

Now he's back with a bang promoting his third album, Obsession, and his new single, Gotta Be Somebody.