No frontiers for Kathryn as she lines up radio gig

Melanie Finn

Kathryn Thomas is in negotiations about a new radio job with RTE, the Herald can exclusively reveal.

The new presenter of Operation Transformation is having top-level talks with radio chiefs after confirming that she will definitely be back on our airwaves.

Last summer saw her fill in for Ryan Tubridy in his RTE radio 1 slot -- and she has admitted she will be doing more in 2011.

"I have already signed up to do more," the 32-year-old said. "It's true that I would love more radio stuff. I am somebody who loves to challenge myself so it was a chance to do that.

"It's all one-on-one with you and the listeners. There's no messing around with hair and make-up, it's just you listening and conversing with people. I found it really interesting and enjoyable."

She will be regularly joining John Murray on his morning radio show as she gives him updates about all this year's Operation Transformation.

Part of a multi-media link up for the programme originally fronted by the late Gerry Ryan, the former No Frontiers host said it will form a new step in her colourful career.

"I'll be reporting back on the programme to John. He's the radio partner for us on this so that will be a regular thing, and I'll also be covering for him during Christmas week," she continued.

"We're still working out the schedule for that but I will definitely be doing more radio work."

And the busy Carlow native also revealed how she wouldn't rule out a one-off special of No Frontiers, which has now been rested by RTE after an 11-year-long run.

"It is missed and whatever happens with the economy, people are still going to travel -- there's some incredible deals out there," she explained.

"I started when I was 21 and I finished at 31 so I had a decade of growing up in my 20s of travelling the world and bringing it back to people in their living rooms. Would I say the backpack is hung up forever? I would say 'no' -- to me, it's a pure addiction."