No charges in 'Slane Girl' investigation

By Ken Foy, Crime correspondent

GARDAI are not pursuing a criminal investigation in relation to the infamous 'Slane Girl' case.

The 17-year-old girl was at the centre of a global internet bullying storm after images of her performing a sex act on a boy at an Eminem Concert in August went viral.

Officers confirmed the teenager at the centre of the controversy has not made an official complaint. The teen did provide a statement to officers a number of days after the concert, but there is no indication that she will make a complaint.

A source explained: "There will be no charges in this case – no complaint has been made.

"Despite reports to the contrary at the time, gardai have never had a lawful reason to speak to anyone else involved in this unfortunate incident. The matter is closed from a garda point of view.

"The girl is getting on with her life . Her main issue with it all is she feels betrayed by one of her friends who identified her on the internet."

It was widely reported a west Belfast teenager was the man responsible for posting online images of a teenage girl performing an intimate sex act at the Co Meath gig.

The girl – a secondary school student from the west of Ireland – was devastated as the images appeared online.

After photographs of the girl performing sex acts went viral on the internet, another video emerged on YouTube of the teenager at the Eminem concert in which she was surrounded by up to eight young men who are pushing her around and jeering at her as she kisses a young man.

The young man who she is kissing is not the same man who she is photographed performing a sex act on.

The video also showed some of the men photographing her with their mobile phones during the incident. It was removed from YouTube.

The girl sought assistance at a medical tent at Slane, which led to gardai being notified.