No charge on Dana brother

US POLICE will not carry out a criminal investigation into allegations that Dana's brother sexually abused his niece.

Alleged victim Susan Gorrell (45) has said she is "devastated" by the development but may yet travel to England to lodge a complaint there.

Ms Gorrell said her lawyer had discussed the complaint with law enforcement officials in the US with a view to her giving evidence against John Brown. However, Lee County Sheriff Jim Scholl told her lawyers that the complaint could not be pursued in Iowa.

Her aunt Dana Rosemary Scallon refused to comment on claims she knew about the alleged abuse 30 years ago.

Kenny wants five year terms

WITH Fine Gael's presidential ambitions drowning it seems Enda Kenny wants another chance sooner rather than later.

Taoiseach Mr Kenny wants to see the president's term in office reduced from seven years to five.

"If you regulate it in such a way, you could have presidential elections, local elections and European elections," said Mr Kenny.

'No regrets' from Mary

OUTGOING President Mary McAleese is set to study in Italy after October 27.

In an interview ahead of the election, Mrs McAleese says she has no regrets about her time in office.

"It took the 14 years to do what we set out to do," she tells Aine Lawlor in The Constant President documentary.

"We feel we did our best and tried our best and after that the judgement lies with others."

The interview airs tonight on RTE One at 10.15am.