Nice jerseys, shame about the result lads

YYou gotta love the Puma jerseys that some of the countries are sporting in the World Cup. The company must have thought it was about time they showed off their athletes' bodies by designing the tightest fitting soccer tops yet. And you know what? It works. Add to that their different coloured boots and Puma look like winners, in the fashion competition anyway. Mind you, I'm not so sure the jerseys help teams win. Yes, Mario Balotelli, I'm talking about you...

GGood on ya Mrs Brown. Brendan O'Carroll's Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie has become the biggest-grossing Irish film on an opening weekend, of all time. And it did pretty well in the UK too - taking £4.27m (€5.33m). Kerrrchingg for Brendan (right) and the Brown clan. Good on them, they deserve every penny.

SSo Oscar Pistorius did not have a mental disorder when he killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, according to a psychological report. He'll continue standing trial and can be held criminally responsible for his actions. Hopefully now justice will take its course and there will be no further distractions in the trial surrounding this shocking death.