Niall's X Factor 'homecoming' held at bandmate's house

Caitlin McBride

Niall Horan is the only X Factor finalist who didn't film his 'homecoming' at his actual home, the Herald can reveal.

The Mullingar native's bandmate Liam Payne opened his doors to his home to allow Niall film the special "homecoming" segment for this weekend's upcoming final.

Niall's father Bobby, along with his son Greg, Niall's mother Maura and her husband jetted over to Wolverhampton to Liam's home yesterday to wish him luck.

"The X Factor wouldn't take the chance of bringing them to town, which is why we're going to Liam's house to shoot the footage," said Bobby.

"Of course I'm disappointed that he won't be able to make it. People here have been waiting since three weeks ago to see them.

"It's through no fault of their own. They wouldn't take the chance of a fan slipping and falling and injuring themselves on the ice."

Although Niall's hectic work schedule means he hasn't been able to visit home in recent weeks, his proud father hopes his talented son will be able to make it back before Christmas -- whether his band wins the X Factor or not.

"They're in the final. Hopefully they'll win it but if not, it's not a disaster. It isn't for anybody at this stage.


"He's really looking forward to it and to see how it goes.

"Hopefully we'll have an X Factor champion and they'll be the first group to win. As I said before, this is what he always wanted to do," he said.

"We're just very excited. We've got the final coming up. We weren't even expecting to get this far when we were put through, so we're just so excited and hopefully it's going to be a big weekend for us.

"We obviously can't make it back to Ireland because of the bad weather. It's a bit too risky we wouldn't make it back, but I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who voted for us in Ireland so far."

The teen, dubbed the 'Irish Justin Bieber', also urged voters to get behind the band and support our last act, and hopes Mary Byrne fans will now get dialling for them.