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Youths quizzed on savage St Patrick's Day attack are released

TWO teenagers arrested following the vicious St Patrick's Day attack on a Brazilian man have been released without charge.

The pair of youths – aged 16 and 17 and both from Ballymun in Dublin – were questioned yesterday by gardai at Pearse Street Garda Station.

A Garda spokesperson told the Herald today that they were released last night. A file is being prepared for the DPP.

It is understood that the two met with officers by appointment after the victim in the case – a 30-year-old Brazilian – made a complaint about the shocking incident to gardai.

The victim was kicked in the head and knocked unconscious in the unprovoked street attack which was filmed on a mobile phone and posted online.

Sources say the Brazilian man went for further scans to St James's Hospital yesterday to determine if he suffered a broken jaw after he received a 'football kick' to the head.

It has since emerged that the assault happened when a female who had been in the company of the two male teenagers took the victim's hat.

When he attempted to retrieve his hat, he was viciously attacked by her two pals. The teenagers involved in the attack, which took place outside a bookies shop at Aston Quay at around 4pm on Monday were not previously known to gardai.

Paramedics were called and the unconscious victim was taken to St James's Hospital.

Gardai said he was kicked at least twice by the two teenagers during the incident and one kick to the head knocked him out.

The culprits fled, leaving their victim unconscious on the street as a large crowd of revellers gathered.

Investigating officers admitted that they were shocked by the savagery of the assault.

A film of the brutal assault was later circulated online but subsequently removed.


Friends of the teenagers boasted about the attack, and one said: "That was one of the best knockouts I've ever seen, Ronaldo couldn't kick like that."

On Tuesday night a woman, claiming to be the mother of one of the teenagers, contacted a radio phone-in show and claimed the attack was linked to an earlier incident.