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Your winning team for the 2011 vote

It's the most important election in living memory.

That's why the Herald has put together the most incisive team of journalists and commentators to bring you the inside story on General Election 2011.

All the old political certainties are dead -- and the political landscape is about to be dramatically redrawn.

Today, meet the Herald team ready to bring you all the best from General Election 2011.

Our team met at the Shelbourne Hotel to plan their coverage of the various campaigns and how they will bring you right to the heart of the issues.

They'll give you the latest news, the best analysis,and the cutting edge commentary between now and polling day.

Political reporter Kevin Doyle was the journalist whose scoop forced the resignation of former Green Party Minister Trevor Sargent. He's been to the fore in charting the disintegration of the outgoing Government.

And he'll be there to keep you up to speed with all the latest developments.

Political analyst Andrew Lynch is the commentators' commentator.

He consistently gets it right in predicting the fallout from every political happening.

He's read by the people in power.

And he'll continue to call it as he sees it.

Terry Prone and Fergus Finlay have seen many election campaigns -- and not always from the sidelines. Terry will bring her insights, wit and experience to bear in her biting analysis.

Fergus admits he's had a ringside seat at quite a few dramatic political events over the years. He remains passionate about how our country should be governed -- and he's ready to share it with you.

Caitlin McBride, Claire Murphy and Cormac Murphy are from a younger generation -- the one facing mass emigration, widespread unemployment and an uncertain future.

They have a vested interest in what happens next.

And they're already hitting the election trail on your behalf.

Aoife Finneran will also be on the hustings. She'll be meeting the candidates and the voters -- and giving her often-acerbic take on what's really going on.

Aoife will also be keeping an eye out for the clashes, the comments, the encounters that the candidates might prefer you didn't read about.

Writer and broadcaster Eamon Keane takes a wry look at the machinations of our would-be leaders.

Trusted by many of the main players, Eamon is well-placed to share his insights into what they're thinking.

Eoghan Corry, prolific author and historian, is a self-confessed political junkie. He'll be penning our media coverage diary.

Join the Herald for the very best of Election 2011.