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YOUR VIEW: What's the future for Ballymun?

unhappy customers: From left, Dolores Barry, Ann Nolan, Gerry Barry, Elizabeth Herbert, and Elle McCormack and Christy Smith (below) outside Tesco in BallymunElle McCormack: Tesco was most important for the older people in Ballymun who don't drive. Where will they go now? The other cheaper shops are too far away. And the sense of community has gone completely now. Gone, gone, gone.

Dolores Barry: It's a disgrace that this shopping centre has been left to rack and ruin. Nobody has fought for it. It used to be brilliant here, a place where everyone would come. We were promised that it would be done up, but nothing has been done. It's going to be dreadful.

Ann Nolan: It was a social place for everyone to meet up and chat, and people have been coming here every day for years and years. Now where is everyone going to go?

Gerry Barry: The shopping centre should have been the first thing to be regenerated, not building theatres and these things. They should have started with the focal point of the town.

Elizabeth Herbert: I always shop here because the staff couldn't be nicer. This is the latest blow for the town, but by some degrees it's just going down and down. This is the death of the shopping centre.