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Barbara Cusack (22), Sandymount

"Under certain circumstances, they could be quite useful. Some people lie on their CVs, so it would be good for employers."

Paul Hickey (22), Celbridge

"It think it's a good idea to catch out over-embellished CVs. People might lie about not having a criminal record and it would catch them out."

Aifric Nugent (21), Kildare

"I'd be happy enough to take one. I don't think that you should lie on a job application because if you get the job, you might not be qualified to do it."

Cian Mulville (19), Blackrock

"It might be good for employers in certain sectors and it would rule out someone with a criminal record."

Hannah Garvey (18), Navan Road

"I think it's a good idea because a lot of people lie on their CVs. With a test like this your employer would know what you were capable of."

Aoife Kavanagh (19), Killiney

"It's very extreme. However, I'd do it if I had to get a job. I wouldn't lie on my CV anyhow."