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Young sisters recovering after being hit by car

TWO Dublin sisters were recovering in hospital today after being hit by a car while on an Easter break with their parents.

The two girls, aged six and 10, were struck by the vehicle, which was driven by a local man near the seaside village of Mulranny, Co Mayo.

Both were rushed to Castlebar General Hospital. The younger sister is believed to be more seriously injured.

A spokesperson for the hospital said both sisters had improved and were now in a stable condition.

The sisters are believed to have been crossing the road when they were struck by the car.

Local councillor Michael Holmes said they had been campaigning for years to get footpaths built along the road passing through the busy village.

Mulranny is along the main Westport to Achill route, which is particularly busy in the summer months.

"Only last Wednesday I met with the National Roads Authority and asked for funding for footpaths," said Mr Holmes.

"I told them the route is so dangerous that it's an accident waiting to happen and that it was a question of not if, but when. Unfortunately I've been proven right."

To date, two short footpaths have been completed, but they don't run the length of the village. One 300-metre stretch was built as part of a planning requirement when a new hotel was opened.

A second 100-metre stretch was completed last year but around 500 metres of road going through the town has no footpath.

"There have been an awful lot of minor accidents in the village," added Mr Holmes. "We've been asking for footpaths since 2001 and we're still waiting."

He said the road going through the town was narrow, "making it impossible for two cars and pedestrians to be on the road at the same time".

"If there are two large vehicles trying to get past each other you can forget about it -- one has to pull in to let the other pass."

Meanwhile, a woman in her 20s was injured in an accident yesterday outside New Ross, near Glenmore in Wexford.

The N25 Wexford to Waterford Road was closed for a time following the collision but was reopened yesterday evening.