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Young mums in drug horror now back home

TWO young mothers who were left fighting for their lives in hospital after consuming what is thought to be a mixture of drugs are now both recovering at home.

The HSE and gardai had issued a warning at the end of last month when Samantha Morgan (24) and Alannah Molloy (25) were both admitted to hospital within days of each other, sparking fears that there was a large supply of contaminated cannabis in the north- east.

Both women had been in comas following organ failure, and advice by the authorities was that drug-users should be wary of contaminated substances.

Tests of cannabis used by the young mothers showed no such contamination, however, and it is now thought both women may have suffered the effects of mixing a number of drugs or chemicals.

The mothers of both women have now confirmed that they were discharged from hospital last Friday and are pleased to be home.

"It was a worrying time, but Alannah is home now and doing fine. She came home last Friday and doesn't need to take medication or anything," said Bridie Molloy, from her home in Castlebellingham.



Mother-of-one Alannah lives in the Kilsaran area of Co Louth with her brother.

Meanwhile, Samantha Morgan's mother Fidelma confirmed that she had also been discharged from hospital last Friday and continues to recover.

The case of what caused the girls' illnesses is still not fully clear.

While chemical tests showed that cannabis in their system was not contaminated, garda sources said they are very keen to talk to both women when they are well enough.