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Young mother kidnapped and raped over six days

A YOUNG mother was repeatedly raped and beaten during a six-day kidnap ordeal.

The woman, in her early 20s, was held captive by three men.

A major garda investigation has been launched after the victim came forward and told of her horror ordeal.

The Herald understands that the woman was held captive for six days after she was abducted as she made her way home in Limerick.



She was brought under duress to another address in the city by the three men, where she was repeatedly raped and beaten for almost a week.

The horrifying ordeal began on the Friday of the May bank holiday weekend when her abductors came upon her by chance as she made her way home.

She was bundled into a vehicle and taken to a Limerick city centre address.

The young mother was then repeatedly raped and beaten over the course of five nights and six days.

While investigations are at an early stage, gardai believe that only one of the men carried out the brutal assaults.

She was raped on a number of occasions over the six days.

At all times, one of the three men holding her prisoner was in the house.



It is not yet known if she tried to escape at any stage over the six days.

She was fed at the property each day.

On one occasion, she was beaten with a shovel.

She was released from the house on May 8 – almost a week after being taken captive.

Friends of the woman noticed that she was covered in bruises and marks across her body and alerted gardai immediately.

Officers from Mayorstone Garda Station in Limerick took statements from her last week as a major probe was launched.

The victim received treatment at the sexual assault unit at the Mid-Western regional hospital in Limerick and is also being offered counselling.

"She suffered an horrendous ordeal," one source said.



"What she encountered was a horrifying experience and the alleged offences committed are extremely grave," they added.

Officers leading the investigation believe they are close to identifying the culprits.

At the same time as the victim was being raped over the May bank holiday weekend, up to 40,000 people had flocked to Limerick for the annual Riverfest celebrations, the largest festival held in the city.

The woman was taken captive on May 3.