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Young fashionista Molly (12) gets some royal style pointers from hero Kate


AUTHOR: Molly Parmeter

AUTHOR: Molly Parmeter

The royal couple

The royal couple


AUTHOR: Molly Parmeter

It's not everyday one receives sage sartorial advice from the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

So 12-year-old school girl Molly Parmeter couldn't believe it when a thick embossed letter from Saint James's Palace arrived on her doormat.

Carlow native Molly had written a letter to the princess asking her to describe her favourite item of clothing.



The young fashion follower was writing a fashion book for a school project entitled Molly's Style Icon's.

"It was a beautiful envelope from Buckingham Palace," Molly explained. "But we laughed because Michael Flatley's envelope was actually a lot nicer. Michael's envelope was lined with a gold leaf and it said Castle Hyde in gold also."

Molly wrote to over 50 fashionistas asking them to describe the most loved item of clothing in their wardrobe.

When they replied she would sketch the cherished item and add it to her book. Ever the diplomat Kate Middleton said it was impossible to choose one item over another; favouritism is clearly not her style.

But plenty of other well known faces had no problems picking out their favourites.

Contrary to expectations, Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley didn't go for a flamboyant silk shirt or hard-soled shoes but a retro style trilby hate.

Senator David Norris picked a pair of snakeskin boots. "Everyone explained why the item meant something to them," Molly said.

"David Norris got the boots when he was in Austin, Texas and said they reminded him of the trip."

Broadcaster Brendan Courtney picked a vintage tweed suit and Shelly Corkery, fashion director of Brown Thomas went for her prized Louboutins.

Boxer Kenny Egan decided on that infamous denim jacket.

Once she finished the book, she sent a copy to Terry Prone who passed it on to her publisher. "The launch is this Sunday and I've very excited but a tiny bit nervous," she said.

The book, €20, is available in Brown Thomas and proceeds will go to Chic and Cheerful charity boutique in Carlow.