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You will just have to live with busgate, traders told

THE College Green car ban will be re-introduced for evening traffic on Monday, with businesses now promising to come to terms with the measure.

Dublin City Council suspended the evening operation of the ban in November -- although it still operates from 7am to 10am.

The ban will come into force again between 4pm and 7pm on weekdays from January 18 onwards.

Council officials agreed to the suspension after businesses in the Grafton Street area complained of a fall-off in trade.

Lobby group the Dublin City Business Association was one of the main critics of the so-called bus gate but it now accepts traders will have to come to terms with the scheme.


David McCormick, of the DCBA, said the Samuel Beckett Bridge was in place so that would make it easier for drivers to get through the city centre.

"Hopefully, people now understand that the city remains open to shoppers' cars and we're very keen that people continue to shop and support the capital city," said Mr McCormick.

"We have always been supportive of what needs to be done. The issue with the bus gate was the timing of it. It was premature before the bridge was in place.

"We understand we've got to make the best use of the carriageway for all parties.

"It had a disproportionate effect on people's psyche in terms of how difficult it was to get in and around town. But as I say, we're confident that people realise the city is still fully open for business."

The bus gate was introduced so that buses would not get delayed travelling through the city centre.

During its hours of operation, only buses, taxis and cyclists are allowed to pass through the zone in front of Trinity College, while drivers of private cars have to find alternative routes.

Labour's Sean Kenny welcomed the re-introduction.

In December, Councillor Kenny highlighted that commuters were reportedly taking half an hour longer to get home following the curtailing of the measure.

Residents in Clongriffin who commute to work in the city using the 128 bus service are now getting home up to 30 minutes later since the evening bus gate was lifted, Cllr Kenny said.

He added: "The new and long awaited Clongriffin Rail Station, currently under construction, was originally scheduled to open this year but has since been put back to next year with still no date yet set for its opening for train passengers."