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You smashed my record, mate... that's amazing

The man whose World Cup record was smashed by Kevin O'Brien has sent the Irish cricketer his congratulations.

Matt Hayden (right) emailed the Irish management last night to ask them to "pass on my heartiest congratulations to young Kevin O'Brien for this amazing achievement".

Hayden, a member of the all-conquering Australian team of the 1990s and 2000s, is now the leading TV celebrity chef in his homeland.

Hayden has been at the centre of a media storm since O'Brien beat his record.

Every newspaper and radio station in the land sought his comment on the feat, but as he was working in a remote corner of Australia he knew nothing about it.

The Herald has seen a copy of his email to the Irish party.

"I was in a very remote and isolated community called Tiwi Island, 30 miles off the coast of Darwin," he wrote.

The former batsman's foundation, The Hayden Way, runs programmes using sport to enhance community and family life and Hayden himself works with the aboriginal community.

He revealed that he heard his record had been broken at a meeting of the Tiwi Island Land Council.

"Hey Matty, did you hear about the Irish fella who broke your record overnight," asked a tribal elder.

"Yer this bloke almost single handed beat the English, scoring 113 in the game and getting them out of trouble, pity about your record too," he added with a cheeky smile,

O'Brien's 100 came in just 50 balls. Hayden scored a 66-ball century against South Africa at the 2007 World Cup.

Hayden's email continued: "Well honestly when he first said it I couldn't believe it, it just didn't sink in that not only did he smash my record, but he smashed the Poms as well, something Australia found so hard to do this summer in the Ashes."

A billion people are expected to watch the men in green take on their local heroes at the Chinnaswamy Stadium and capacity has been expanded by 2,000 to 40,000 to help meet demand for tickets.

Back home, the Russell Court Hotel in Dublin's Harcourt Street has been appointed the official Cricket Ireland Supporters HQ and will be open for business at 8.30am tomorrow.

Dozens of screens will show the game and breakfast will be served before the bars open.