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Yomiko back in front of cameras just two weeks after she gives birth


Yomiko at a shoot during the week Picture: Kieran Harnett

Yomiko at a shoot during the week Picture: Kieran Harnett

Yomiko at a shoot during the week Picture: Kieran Harnett

There is not much time for rest when you are a self-employed model and nobody knows that better than catwalk star Yomiko Chen-Conway.

One of the best known fashion models on the Irish circuit, Yomiko returned to work just two weeks after giving birth to her first child.

The model, who has been living in Ireland for 11 years, welcomed daughter Lily Sue with husband Iain Conway.

Given the nature of the modelling industry - with jobs dictated by the fashion calendar - Yomiko didn't have the luxury of taking lots of time off after giving birth to her little girl.


Judging by the model mum's latest shoot, Yomiko, who looked as poised as ever on the catwalk, was more than happy to return to work.

A spokesperson for Assets agency said that it's business as usual for Yomiko, who also runs the Kokora Bento Sushi restaurant chain with husband Iain.

"She was back two weeks after having the baby ... she's unreal. She had a dream pregnancy and the weight just fell off her afterwards."

One of their most in-demand models, the Assets spokeswoman said that clients were inquiring when she would be back before she even had her baby in April.

While most mums-to-be can't wait to take some time off by the time they are ready to have their baby, Yomiko has said she was sad to leave the catwalk.

The raven-haired model admitted that she even cried at the end of every show before going on maternity leave.

She is not the first model to return to work soon after giving birth.

Sarah McGovern has spoken of returning to the catwalk just weeks after giving birth.

The mum of two has told the Herald how she can rarely afford to take time off, even when she is ill.

"I just don't have the time to be sick as a model and someone that is self-employed," she said.

Meanwhile, Yomiko has managed to combine running her busy Japanese restaurant chain with working as a model.

She and Iain even managed to expand the venue over the past two years, and now run three restaurants in Dublin city centre.

Yomiko, who works at the front of house in their venues, said she relishes having the challenge of two jobs.

"I'm a perfectionist, so I never switch off.

"It is very much a family business - when you are passionate about something, it takes over your life," she said.

"There really is no balance. I know being a mother won't slow me down."


The half-Chinese, half-Japanese model arrived Ireland 11 years ago and decided to settle here after falling in love with the country - and Iain.

The pair got married in April 2015 and she discovered she was pregnant shortly afterwards.

She revealed how the couple had planned to travel to China and Japan last autumn so that Iain could meet her family. But that trip had to be delayed as she was so ill with morning sickness.

Yomiko's close pal and fellow model Sarah Morrissey is also expecting her first child.