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Wrong-way driver is jailed for seven years

A Norwegian man who took a wrong turn on to a one-way street in a US town and drove into a street festival has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison on assault and other charges.

John Kristoffer Larsgard (33) and his mother, Liv, had been driving across the US when they got lost in Winslow, the town made famous by the 1972 Eagles song Take It Easy.

Everyone agrees John Larsgard turned onto a crowded one-way street headed the wrong way. What happened next is in dispute.

In an interview from jail, John Larsgard said he had no idea he was on a one-way street. With the windows up, he thought his mother was getting directions.

Liv Larsgard said she and her son were scared when angry people surrounded the car. John Larsgard put the car into reverse, hit the accelerator too hard and the car jumped a kerb. One woman was struck in the confusion.

The original charges against Larsgard included 36 counts, including four of attempted second-degree murder.

Larsgard blamed his state of mind for his erratic driving.