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Writer here to promote Ireland has gear stolen

A GERMAN journalist who came to Ireland to write a travel review has had €20,000 worth of cameras and computers stolen.

Dirk Heckman was here to promote the Wild Atlantic Way as a destination for camper van holidays.

He parked his van in the Phoenix Park on Tuesday and spent the afternoon taking photos in the city centre after taking his wife to the airport.

On his return he discovered that all of his equipment including his camera, lenses and a laptop had been stolen.

In a disastrous turn of events, 16 days' worth of photos from his travels around Ireland doing research for his book were also lost.


Mr Heckman went on the Anton Savage breakfast show on Today FM to appeal for the return of his equipment.

"The back door was open. They broke in the door on the left hand side," he said.

"Paper was flowing in the car, all the information that I had picked up on the road.

"It's all gone except my clothes, they left my clothes there."

Mr Heckman did not have his equipment insured as its high value would have cost him too much in premiums.

Now he is appealing for the return of the photos so that he can continue his book.

He is also mulling over go- ing back to Germany or staying in Ireland to continue with his work.

"I think if I leave I'll have nothing, but if I stay here I can write the book," he said.