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Would you like fries with your tour of temple bar?

AN TAISCE ain't lovin' it. Ireland's self-appointed cultural custodians have got their knickers in a twist about plans for a McDonald's in Temple Bar.

Apparently the arrival of the Golden Arches would detract from the cultural, artistic and historical character of the area. Well, I beg to differ.

Surely a massive fast-food restaurant is a perfect fit for a neighbourhood that thrives on late -night partying.

McDonald's, as its owners know, would be a perfect provider of late-night nibbles to the hordes of drinkers and party animals who descend on the area every weekend.

Maybe some of those falling over, fighting or vomiting in the alleyways have a genuine interest in Irish culture. If so, they have funny way of showing it.

An Taisce has slammed the stable door shut long after the horse has bolted.


Where were they when we turned the nearby O'Connell Street, our national thoroughfare, into a strip of fast-food outlets, lingerie shops and 24 hours convenience stores?

I'm predicting an An Bord Pleanala appeal here, quicker than you can say the words 'Big Mac meal'.