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Worry remains over Euro crisis

THE world's markets may believe that the worst of the financial crisis in Europe is over, but business leaders are not breathing any easier, according to a survey.

The poll from British global business consultancy BDO finds that the crisis over too much government debt in Europe remains one of their key concerns.

They also consider Greece a riskier place to invest and set up business in than war-torn Syria.

Victims flee Burma unrest

VICTIMS of Burma's latest explosion of Muslim-Buddhist violence fled to already-packed displacement camps, as a United Nations humanitarian chief said the unrest had forced more than 22,000 people from their homes.

State TV said the casualty toll had risen to 84 dead and 129 injured over the past week in nine townships in Rakhine state.

It is believed Muslims bore the brunt of the unrest.

Hawaii ports are reopened

HAWAII has reopened its ports after cancelling a tsunami advisory amid fears of waves from a powerful earthquake off the coast of Canada.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said wave heights had diminished, but swimmers and boaters should be careful of strong currents.

The biggest waves -- about 5ft -- appeared to hit Maui.