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Worries over Brian's girls made me ill -- mum

Brian McFadden's mother has revealed how she has been in hospital twice from worry over the situation in relation her son's two daughters.

Mairead -- who was in the audience last night -- was asked about what was going through her head when she read about the recent incidents involving her former daughter-in-law Kerry Katona.

Kerry was recently arrested and questioned on suspicion of assault. In a separate incident she was videoed allegedly snorting cocaine.

"Absolute and total nightmare," Mairead said. And from the time she wakes in the morning, until the time she goes to sleep at night,the situation remains a constant, constant worry.

"They are two beautiful, beautiful girls and they are very happy girls," she said.

Host Ryan Turbridy asked her: "Do you get upset about it?"

Mairead said: "I do all the time. I have actually been quite ill. Just ill from worry. I have been in hospital twice with worry."

But she said: "I don't hate Kerry Katona."

Mairead said that she is Molly and Lilly-Sue's mum. "I communicate with Kerry for Brian. If Brian wants a question asked I do it, if Kerry asks a question asked I do it."

Brian McFadden gave a candid interview in which he said of his ex-wife: "I don't know her any more.

"It's been over five years since we've been together and we haven't spoken in well over four years, not even on the phone."

He said that he wished it was different, but when they did speak when they broke up, they just can't agree on anything.

"For us the best thing is to have no relationship, and to deal with everything through my mum speaking to her and me speaking to the nanny and speaking to the kids direct."

He explained that he has sought a deal with Kerry Katona to have his kids Molly (8) and Lilly-Sue (6) move to Ireland for the next six months to a year.

He said that he was prepared to give the kids back to Kerry when she was back on track.

The singer said that the last time he sued for custody, it had cost him around €500,000 and the court had decided not to move the kids from Britain to Ireland.