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Workers will end up waiting two years for their payments

STAFF at Mount Carmel Hospital will have to wait two years for some of their payments and even then they may not get the full amount.

Their redundancy payments will also take six months to be paid and in the meantime they have to wait for Jobseeker Allowance applications to be processed.

Philip McAnenly, Industrial Relations Officer with the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation, who was at the hospital yesterday, explained that many staff, were due a variety of payments for end of service, holiday entitlements and overtime.

These could run into several thousand euro in individual cases, but there was a ceiling of €3,100 on such payments and the money could take up to two years to process.

Furthermore, it could take six to seven months to process the Statutory Redundancy payments for staff and in the meantime they had to apply for Jobseeker's Allowance, but were not allowed to claim for their first three days out of work.



"We can't understand why it is being shut down," Mr McAnenly said. The hospital was due to break even by the end of the year and a Spanish fertility clinic was looking to use Mount Carmel as their headquarters."

He added that St James had been looking to Mount Carmel to take on some of its patients, so it could clear the way for the new Children's Hospital on the St James site.

Meanwhile, SIPTU has called on the Government and HSE to assist Mount Carmel Hospital workers in finding new jobs in the health service.

SIPTU Health Division Organiser, Paul Bell, said: "We cannot afford to lose these people's abilities and the HSE must facilitate them in finding employment in positions in which their skills can be fully utilised."