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Workers’ sit-in over closure of printing plant

More than fifty workers at a Dublin printing plant are staging a sit-in after being told they have lost their jobs.

The workers at Hudson 
& Killeen, in Dublin’s Ballycoolin Business Park, claim they 
received no notice or redundancy when the announcement 
 was made to them on Friday.

The company, which was established in 1981, prints schoolbooks and booklets and materials for banks.

“We only found out about the closure when we were given a letter on Friday at lunchtime telling us the place was going into voluntary liquidation,” said worker Derek Dowdall.


“We had no notice of this. Some people have been working here for more than 30 years,” he claimed.

“There are people here who have families, and they are all shocked about this closure,” Mr Dowdall 

He alleged the locks on the print works were changed at the weekend and four people were retained to finish work that was already in progress.

“Those workers have now stopped as we hold meetings to see what will happen,” he added. “Our unions weren’t informed of the closure and 
we didn’t get any P45s, so we can’t even go to a social welfare office and sign-on,” he explained.

“We will stay here until we get the answers and money we are owed,” he said.

“I’m married with three children and a mortgage myself, and we have just been left in limbo.

“I worked 48 hours last week but wasn’t paid on Friday. We work a back-week so I don’t know when I’ll get that money,” he said today.

Around 30 workers occupied the plant this morning and some parked their vehicles around the side of the building so that goods could not be moved in or out of the premises.

Accounts filed by the company at the end of 2012 showed a €493,000 loss after tax that year.

The accounts also showed a net deficit of €755,000 on the company’s balance sheet.

A note in the accounts said the owners would continue to supply support for the company on an on-going basis.


Officials from Siptu were expected at the plant today to engage in discussions with management, and to seek more information about the closure and plans for redundancy arrangements for workers.