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Work will begin to protect landmark Poolbeg chimneys


Poolbeg chimneys

Poolbeg chimneys

Poolbeg chimneys

THE ESB has pledged to carry out "essential maintenance work" on the landmark Poolbeg chimneys in a move that is set to be widely welcomed by local residents.

There had been concern that the chimneys would be demolished after ESB chief Pat Doherty warned "it may not be possible" to leave them intact.

But in a statement, the ESB said works aimed at protecting the chimneys will begin this week with further measures planned.


"ESB carried out assessments on the Poolbeg chimneys and early indicators suggest that there are no significant structural issues. However, remedial work must be carried out to prevent deterioration," a spokesperson said.

"These works will include placing a steel cap on the top of each chimney. The caps will not change their look but will prevent rainwater ingress and damage. Work will commence later this week on the wider of the two chimneys, while the second will be capped in the autumn."

Labour Party councillor Dermot Lacey said he believes there is still a need to list the chimneys as protected structures.

"The fact is that these chimneys are seen by many Dubliners as icons of our industrial heritage and the very backdrop to so many accounts of Dublin. They must be saved," he said.

"Accordingly, I will be persisting with my motion to have them included on the list of protected structures and I expect that to come back to us as elected councillors at our meeting on May 11."