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Work halted on Luas as partial skeleton found

A TEAM of archaeologists were dispatched to the front gates of Trinity College as construction workers discovered human remains believed to be hundreds of years old.

A partial skeleton was discovered by builders engaged in utility works for the Luas Cross City project.

Now experts believe that more bodies could be uncovered.

The alarm was raised after 9am as workers were removing utilities ahead of the installation of the new Luas route.


A hip bone and two leg bones were found approximately 1.5 metres underground. They had been buried in a crouching position.

An initial inspection revealed the remains could date back to the 17th Century.

While it remains unclear whether a full skeleton will be unearthed, an archaeologist who had been working nearby at the time told the Herald the remains of further bodies could be discovered there.

A spokesperson from Luas Cross City said the site was cordoned off after the discovery and boards of wood were placed over the area where the remains were found.

An archaeological team are expected to return to the site from 8am today, where they will begin a thorough inspection, with a view to excavating the remains and transferring them to the National Museum of 
Ireland later today or 

Gardai said they would not be investigating the discovery, stating it is of an archaeological nature, and not a criminal one.

The new Luas project will 
cost €368m and will be completed by 2017.