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Work begins on War of Independence sequel to 1916 drama


Brian Gleeson (right) in a scene from RTE’s drama, Rebellion

Brian Gleeson (right) in a scene from RTE’s drama, Rebellion

Brian Gleeson (right) in a scene from RTE’s drama, Rebellion

RTE is set to follow up its 1916 drama Rebellion with a new series.

The national broadcaster says work on a follow-up series of the historical drama will begin in days.

Resistance, which will run for five episodes, will follow the earlier show's characters amidst a bloody guerrilla war between the Irish Republican Army and British forces in Ireland during the War of Independence.

Like the first series, Resistance will focus on characters across a broad range of Irish society.

Brian Gleeson will return as Jimmy Mahon, a Dubliner who took part in the Rising.

But new faces will also feature, with Pure Mule's Simone Kirby, Natasha O'Keefe and Moone Boy's Aoife Duffin among the cast.

disappointing Colin Teevan will be screenwriter on the new drama series.

It comes following disappointing reviews for the original series, when it first premiered earlier this year.

Starring Love/Hate stars Charlie Murphy and Ruth Bradley and Cork actress Sarah Green, there were high expectations for the big budget production.

While Rebellion's opening episode brought in 619,000 viewers, it received a mixed response from critics.

It was also criticised for an apparent lack of historical accuracy, while other reviewers took issue with the show's direction and plot.

The episode's finale only managed to claim a 33pc audience share when it was broadcast, with an average of 463,300 viewers.

At the time, RTE managing director Glen Killane said that he was "unconcerned" by Rebellion's drop in ratings.

attempt "It was an attempt by RTE to get back into that space of period drama which we haven't done since Strumpet City, so it was a big step for us," he said.

"Is it going to please everyone? No, of course not, but it's achieved what we wanted."

Meanwhile, filming begins next week on another new drama series.

Acceptable Risk will feature Angeline Ball, who starred in hit movie The Commitments.