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Wonder drug is keeping my mum alive, says nadia

Model Nadia Forde has revealed her cancer-stricken mum is out of hospital - thanks to a new wonder drug.

The 25-year-old had been estranged from her mum Berenice, but the rift has since been healed.

Nadia raced to her mum's bedside earlier this year when she received a call to say that she had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, and that she was dying.


At the time, she was told that her mother might pass away at any moment and held a round-the-clock vigil by her bedside.

However, thanks to a drug called Gemox, which is still in the early trial stages, her mum has been given precious time in her fight against the illness.

The model told how her mum is bravely battling through her illness.

"This isn't my fight. This is my mother's fight and she is bravely battling through it. She is doing well. If it wasn't for the drug she would have died of kidney failure that week, without a doubt. The chemo with this drug is relatively gentle on the kidneys in comparison to other drugs, so with kidneys that are already weak, it is easier on the body.

"The medicine is very new, but it has had noticeable results. She is out of hospital and her quality of life has improved. She is still in phase four, which is the final stage of cancer, but it is life extending," she said.


The I'm A Celebrity star also highlighted how donating to cancer research can help touch the lives of people every day.

"Everyone knows someone who has been affected by this disease. Everyone has been touched by it either through family or friends. I've seen how giving money to support this cause can bring about real results," said Nadia, who is single at the moment.